Do you need a root canal to get rid of an infection? Does a tooth need to be extracted altogether? Different emergencies require different procedures; we’ll take all the factors into account and give you a reliable estimate for your treatment.

When should you visit the ER?

Seeing how things currently are with COVID-19, it is good to know when it is necessary to step into the hospital vs calling your dental office. 

Certain life-threatening case such as: fractured jawbone, deep facial lacerations, if the damage you have suffered is life-threating or impacts your ability to breath or swallow (such as in cellulitis) you should visit the ER immediately. Your dentist can treat conditions such as toothaches and oral emergencies. If you do not know which facility to should visit don’t hesitate to call our office. 

We understand emergencies sometimes tend to happen after hours and therefore we have created an after hours phone number if you can’t wait until the next day and talk to one of our staff members. 

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