How often should I see the dentist?
It is recommended to have checkups done every 6 months and depending on your needs for hygiene, sooner. Our goal is to get you to a preventive care state and away from just a curative care state. Of course that being said, if you are having symptoms, we are here to help.laughing
Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, we will do everything possible to accommodate you in our schedule.

Do you speak Spanish?

Si, hablamos Español.

Do you take emergencies on the weekend?

No one wants to be in pain especially when we are supposed to be resting from the long week, so please call our after-hours phone number or use our Teledentistry services so we can help you.

Do you see children?

Yes. We want our families to feel welcomed. 

I don't have insurance can you still see me?

After long consideration we have realized that insurances are not what they used to be and the amount of coverage compared to monthly premiums, copays, and procedures covered just doesn’t cut it these days. So, we have dental memberships, financing we can offer. 

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